What is a Trackout and what is a Trackout Control Device?

What is Trackout? What is a Trackout Control Device?

Trackout is dirt, mud, or other debris tracked onto a paved public roadway by a vehicle leaving a construction site. Dirt and mud is adhered to the tires of the vehicle leaving the construction site, which then deposits the dirt, mud, and other debris onto the street, highway or roadway.

Trackout is also a particulate matter (PM10) and is regulated as an air pollutant.

Trackout is effectively the rocks, dirt and debris that ends up on the adjacent streets and neighborhoods that is “tracked” out of a construction jobsite from trucks and other vehicles.

A Trackout Control Device is an device that is placed at the exit of a construction jobsite. Our track-out control devices and trackout products are Rattle Tracks® and Rattle Grates® . This flat device(made of metal) is put down at the exit of construction jobsites and is used for for removing rock(s), dirt and debris from truck tires. Due to the number of bars on the device, it makes for a smoother transition and more complete removal of debris from the tires via truck tire and axle vibration.  These are approved and practical way of keeping the immediate streets outside of a construction jobsite where dirt and rocks are involved, clean and free of rocks, dirt and debris.

Our Products:

Rattle Track® or Rattle Grate® are trackout prevention devices that are reusable, transportable, & can be coupled together to any length needed.   Our products are also known as rumble tracks, rumble grates, mud plates, rock shaker plates, track out plates, and track clear.

Steel Road Plates

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