Rattle Grate®

Rattle Grate®

Here at Contractors-Services, along with being the California distributor for Rattle Track® we also distribute the Rattle Grate®.  Both of these products solve your PM10 dust abatement, soil stabilization, and debris track-out problemsOur products are also known as trackout devicestrackout plates, trackout solutions, rumble tracks, rumble grates, rattle tracks®, mud plates, rock plates, shaker plates, track out plates, track clear, track-out devicestrack-out plates, track-out solutions,

Rattle Grate® are designed as a solution for the most demanding track out needs and allow more sediment deposit than Rattle Track®. The very aggressive design will keep mud, dirt and debris on the job site and off the street. That way, dirt stays on the job site where it belongs instead of ending up on public roadways.  These are also known as a rumble grate.

  • 8′ x 10′ Size
  • 2 1/2 X 2 1/2 iron angles
  • 2000 lbs
  • 3 – D Rings, Each Rated 3,500lbs
  • Built as Either Ramp or Center Pieces
  • Opens tread on tires so debris can fall into open space *Custom Sizes Available
  • Rattle Grate® can be used for extreme conditions- clay and mud environmental job sites:
  • Quarries n Land Fills/Scrap Yards
  • Aggregate Job Sites with Clay
  • Plants and Mud

    Rattle Grate shakes the tires, removing dirt, mud, and other debris from the tires of your vehicles as you exit the jobsite
    Rattle Grate®

This street needs a Track out Device like Rattle Track® or Rattle Grate®

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