Contractors-Services, LLC is a team comprised of seasoned construction management personnel prepared to supply a multitude of sizes of construction jobsite products.

We are a manufacturer and supplier of Rattle Track®, Rattle Grate®, Free Flow Curb Ramp® , Road Plates and Cross Over Ramps. Our products are sometimes known as or also known as rumble tracks, rumble grates, trackout devices, trackout plates, trackout solutions, Track out control plates, mud plates, rock plates, street plates, road plates, dirt plates, rattle tracks, shaker plates, track clear, track-out devicestrack-out plates, entrance track-out plates, and track-out solutions.

Contractors-Services offers a variety of products to help you stay in compliance with many ordinances. Our company has Small Business certification.

Updated News!

Here at Contractors-Services we are constantly striving to improve our products and services. Recently we have come up with a way to improve and cut down on storage space needed and have cut shipping cost to ½ of what it was before.  We now manufacture the Free Flow Curb Ramp® into 4′ foot sections that can be bolted together thus allowing you to decide what size requirements works best for you on each jobsite. Palletizing the 4′ sections keeps the costs low.  This optimizes shipping costs!

Our Methodology
Our clients know that we approach each and every job with a high level of preparation and professionalism.  Contractors-Services was built on the ability to listen effectively in order to understand, and respond to contractors’ challenges. We provide Rattle Track® , Rattle Grate® , and Free Flow Curb Ramp® , Steel Road Plates, Mud plates, and Cross Over Ramps to keep your jobsite in compliance with SWPPP, ESOP, NPDES, and BMP ordinances. They are commonly referred to as trackout devices, trackout plates, entrance erosion control track out plates and/or exit erosion control track out plates.  Our methodology will help to make a measurable contribution to the bottom line profits of our clients.

For Sales and Rentals call our office at 928.778.1125 or our General Manager Brent Veenstra at 951.255.0045

Why Contractors-Services Has Always Been Green

As Americans, each one of us will be involved in some way of using over one million pounds of rock and sand in our lifetime. This is to make our lives better, whether it be in a house we are living in, on a road we are traveling on, in a store floor we are standing in shopping or an entertainment venue we are visiting, etc.

The cost to our environment all begins with the land that is mined for the rock and sand, the washing of the material, the fuel used to transport this material, the dust that is created in this process.  When we are finished, all of this material travels to a landfill which will eventually become full.  This is repeated over and over.

At Contractors-Services we doing our part to eliminate as much rock and sand as possible used on construction sites with use of our products: Rattle Track® and Rattle Grate®. Our American made products are durable, reusable and a 100% recyclable product.  Our products can last up to 30 years when used correctly.  Our products are also known as rumble tracks and/or rumble grates.

The Rattle Track® and Rattle Grate® were designed for light and heavy uses with 14 bars on each unit and the ability to replace damaged bars.

  • Rattle Track® uses 2”x 2” angle and the Rattle Grate® uses 2 1/2”  x 2 1/2” angle which makes them very durable and any repairs needed are simple and easy
  • Rattle Track® has been used on highway construction jobs, commercial construction projects and high rise building construction sites.  They are easy to clean and the dirt/sediment stays on the job site, therefore, eliminating any air quality or storm water issues.
  • Rattle Grate® is specifically designed for increased mud traffic exits.  There is no need to dig out the area before placing them on your exit as they have built in ramps and can be placed on any surface.

Both products can be made to cover a large area.  Each unit measures 10′ wide and 8′ long.  Using 3 units will give you a 10′ x 24′ long pad which is a good 2 ½ tire rotations for a semi truck tire.  This products can be used for the entire job and then broken down and taken to another part of the job site or an entirely new construction job for reuse.  Depending on the job site soils(dirt) and weather, rock entrance/exits will sometimes have to be replaced one or more times during one job timeline as it can become loaded down with mud and dirt.

All construction sites in California currently required, by law, to either have a rock exit or one of our products to keep the dirt and sediment on the job site and not traveling into our water ways through storm drains.  More states are on track to start to enforce these laws, as well, in the near future.

So in conclusion our products save natural resources, are good for the environment and good for your pocketbook. Both Rattle Track® and Rattle Grate® products do superior job of mitigating the dirt track-out on construction sites.   Our Rattle Track® and Rattle Grate® are 100% American Made and the company is Veteran owned.

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For Sales and Rentals call our office at 928.778.1125

or our General Manager Brent Veenstra at 951.255.0045