Rattle Track®

Rattle Track®

Here at Contractor’s-Services, we are the California distributor of Rattle Track® to solve your PM10 dust abatement, soil stabilization, and debris track-out problems. We feel that your business can benefit from having a Rattle Track® at your job site.  Our products are also known as rumble tracks, rumble track, trackout devicestrackout plates and trackout solutions, mud plates, rock plates, and dirt plates, shaker plates, track-out plates or track clear.

Rattle Track shakes the tires, removing dirt, mud, and other debris from the tires of your vehicles as you exit the jobsite.
Rattle Track®

Designed to be placed on job site exit roads where they join public streets, a Rattle Track® works by removing dirt, mud, and other debris from the tires of your vehicles. That way, dirt stays on the job site where it belongs instead of ending up on public roadways. Sometimes, open trenches also need Street Plates or Road Plates.

Rattle Track® will take the worry of debris problems away from the neighbors and away from the public eyes. It also tells city officials that you are doing everything possible to be in compliance. Sometimes called a rumble track.

Rattle Track® is a proven preventative system that will reduce the need for water trucks and sweeping time significantly. It will also assist by keeping traffic moving freely around the job site.

Rattle Track® Complies with Storm Water Act, AQMD Rule #403 PM 10 in the Southern Coast Air Basin. Removes dirt, mud, and other debris from tires.

The Rattle Track®  were designed for light and heavy uses with 14 bars on each unit and the ability to replace damaged bars.

  • Rattle Track® uses 2”x 2” angle which makes them very durable and any repairs needed are simple and easy
  • Rattle Track® has been used on highway construction jobs, commercial construction projects and high rise building construction sites.  They are easy to clean and the dirt/sediment stays on the job site, therefore, eliminating any air quality or storm water issues.
  • Rattle Track® can be made to cover a large entrance/exit area. Also can be called rumble track. Each unit measures 10′ wide and 8′ long.  Using 3 units will give you a 10′ x 24′ long pad which is a good 2 ½ tire rotations for a semi truck tire.  This products can be used for the entire job and then broken down and taken to another part of the job site or an entirely new construction job for reuse.  Depending on the job site soils(dirt) and weather, rock entrance/exits will sometimes have to be replaced one or more times during one job timeline as it can become loaded down with mud and dirt.

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